Jameson debuts new whiskey bottle table-top tree

The Jameson Whiskey Table-Top Tree includes 19 bottles
Photo credit Samohin

There are many factors that come into play when looking for the perfect Christmas tree. Some like a real tree that is cut down, while others prefer man-made trees. There are a variety of sizes one can choose from, and plenty of items to decorate it with. However, for fans of Jameson Whiskey, the perfect tree features nothing but their favorite drink.

Jameson Whiskey recently unveiled their new table top Christmas tree, featuring 19 bottles on a three level stand. According to BroBible, the tree is three feet tall, and is currently being sold via ReserveBar starting at $200. While the 19 bottles are empty, each tree comes with a full bottle of Jameson Black Barrel.

“Holiday trees are often a festive symbol of seasonal gatherings that celebrate joyous times and a happy new year, and the Jameson Whiskey Table-Top Trees are our fun twist on this beloved tradition,” said Kelly Suhr, Senior Brand Director of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Thanks to Jameson, the perfect tree won’t be hard to find this year.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Samohin