Rare $10,000 bill sells for $480,000

$10,000 bill
Photo credit Heritage Auctions

A rare Great Depression-era piece of legal tender sold for a record amount at auction Monday, netting more than 40 times its original worth.

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The currency in question was an American $10,000 bill from 1934.

The high-dollar note issued by the Federal Reserve bears the face of Salmon P. Chase, the treasury secretary who served under President Abraham Lincoln.

The bill sold for $480,000, according to Heritage Auctions in Dallas, who brokered the sale in Long Beach, Calif.

“Large-denomination notes always have drawn the interest of collectors of all levels,” Dustin Johnston, vice president of currency at Heritage Auctions, said in a statement. "The $10,000 trails only the $100,000 gold certificate issued in 1934, and… this example is tied for the highest-graded."

The $10,000 bill was the most valuable item in currency auction but far from the only big money item. The sale, which featured a number of valuable coins as well, brought in a total of $15.5 million.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Heritage Auctions