Uber Eats released their fourth annual Cravings Report

Top delivery requests of the Los Angeles area
Mexican food and French fries top LA's food delivery choices
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 13: A general view of atmosphere at Offset's Birthday with Uber Eats on December 13, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Photo credit Erik Voake/Getty Images for Uber Eats

LOS ANGELES (KNX) - Angelenos crave Mexican food … and French fries, no big surprise, but it's official.

Uber Eats released their fourth annual Cravings Report, a summary of Los Angeles area delivery requests.

L.A.'s an eclectic place and the delivery report reflects that with predictable, unusual and wacky requests ... like sushi with ranch and pizza with peanut butter -- but popcorn with pickle juice?  That takes top-quirky honors.

Here are L.A.'s highlights:

Most Popular Food: Mexican

Most expensive order: $2451.91 At a liquor store

Most Popular item ordered: French fries

Most Popular Drink: Thai iced tea

Most Popular Dessert: chocolate chip cookie

Most Popular Condiment: salsa (chips and salsa)

Most Popular Special Instruction: no onions

Ranked #9 in Country for healthy orders

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Erik Voake/Getty Images for Uber Eats