Dina's Dirt for September 15, 2023

Tension between Sofia and Howie on AGT

Sofia Vergara hasn’t talked much about her separation from Joe Mangianello, and she certainly doesn’t appreciate jokes about it. While Sofia was hoked up to a lie detector test on “America’s Got Talent,” her fellow judge, Howie Mandel, asked, “Do you see anybody in the audience tonight that you’re interested in,” and that’s when Sofia said “that’s it” before taking the cuff of her arm and returning to the judges’ table. Last month he joked about the split saying to a contestant, “If you’re looking for eligible bachelors, you should’ve talked to Sofia.” Seems she’s had enough of that.

Nick Jonas was performing during a Jonas Brothers concert Monday when someone in the crowd tossed something at him. In the video, you can see him trying to catch whatever it was while shaking his head and mouthing “stop” to the fans.

Former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Teddi Mellencamp shared on Instagram, “I found out late yesterday afternoon that the most recent spot biopsied is another melanoma. I can’t even remember if this is the 12th or 13th.” She said the reason she decided to share this news is because “every time I post about skin cancer someone else is reminded to get checked.”

Elon Musk shared that he got Amber Heard to dress up as the healing character Mercy from the video game “Overwatch” just for him, saying, “it was awesome.” He even posted a pic of Amber in her cosplay. However, a source said Amber isn’t happy about it and “did not give permission to Elon to use the photo,” adding it was meant to stay “private.”

Whoopi Goldberg interviewed former White House staffer Alyssa Farah on "The View,” and during the interview, Whoopi asked Farah if she was pregnant. Alyssa was surprised by the question and said that she wasn't expecting a child and playfully scolded her for asking such a personal question. But Whoopi explained that she asked because she had a “glow” and a "vibe." Though Alyssa isn’t pregnant right not, she did say she was “very open to being pregnant soon.” I can’t imagine Whoopi will be one of the first she tells.

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