McNabb impressed by Hurts this season: 'You have your QB, stay patient'


Donovan McNabb is sticking with his guy Jalen Hurts, saying he has been impressed with the second-year Eagles QB and believes the team and city should remain patient with the current quarterback.

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Donovan McNabb on the Eagles Loss and Jalen Hurts
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"For me, when I look at just the whole season, I'm impressed by the way that he's played," McNabb said on Monday's Jon Marks & Ike Reese (Jon Johnson filling in for Reese) show. "I am impressed with how he's handled adversity, I am excited about how he has full control of this team and being the leader of this team. From a fan standpoint, yeah be upset we lost in the first-round because we had opportunities, but I am excited what the future holds for this organization."

McNabb was asked about Hurts, just 23 years old, struggling in his first career playoff game.

"I seen a guy who is just kind of getting his feet wet in that situation," McNabb said. "It's a lot tougher than you expect. All of the quarterbacks...since I left, besides Nick Foles because Nick Foles had some experience. But Carson [Wentz] struggled a little bit, Jalen struggled, and you just have to find ways to get your quarterback going.

"And the thing the bothers me a lot of times when everyone just kind of finger points right at the quarterback. And then now, I think in this situation, it leads to, 'Oh, we'll go into the draft next season and draft a quarterback,' or whatever it may be. No, you have your quarterback. You just have to continue to stay patient with him and allow him to get comfortable in knowing what the situation is. I guarantee next year it will be a whole different ball club, because of what they've done this year, they way they've played, and now I think everyone understands what they have to work on going for."

McNabb did add he doesn't think "it's a bad thing for them to pursue a Deshaun Watson or a Russell Wilson," or even a long shot in Aaron Rodgers via trade, but when you're looking at that next tier of available quarterbacks with guys like Kirk Cousins or Jimmy Garoppolo, you have to ask yourself if that is a better situation than your current situation.

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