What’s its like being on the Radio during Coronavirus?

It’s time like these when we need radio the most.   During a crisis listeners require info, but what makes radio most valuable is the certain degree of NORMALCY we can provide in our listeners’ lives.  This is when the medium of radio can shine and help our community.  We are proud of what we’re doing and the power of radio.  It’s comforting for all of us to hear the same voices we’ve been listening to forever, doing what they do every day:  entertaining and informing.   I feel it’s more important now than ever to encourage optimism and positivity and remember to be kind till this passes, and beyond.  And it will.

 I’m not nervous about being at work.  I do the best I can while I Clorox the board and every hard surface in sight.  Meanwhile, like you, our air-staff and engineers in the building keep taking loads of precautions around the studios to keep ourselves socially distant from one another while wiping down all buttons, knobs, keyboards and door handles with plenty of disinfectant wipes.  I plan to continue living my best life realizing my passion of entertaining and informing those who trust me to maintain this resource in their lives: our fans and clients.

Most importantly I feel grateful.  Grateful that I still have a job. Grateful that I work for a company whose core values are the safety and well-being of its people.  But most of all, I feel Grateful that I am entrusted to provide a small slice of normalcy for our community during these unprecedented times.