Kirk Lacob on Warriors’ approach to buyout market: ‘We’ve got a long list of potential players’

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On the final day of the first half, Kirk Lacob, assistant GM of the Warriors, called into “Joe, Lo & Dibs” and detailed the plan for the club’s 15th and final roster spot.

“And, I think for a while we had focused on a center because we just weren’t sure how quickly DeMarcus was going to come back or if the rest of our players were going to hold up over the course of the season.”

“And now we’re at the point where I think we’ve got 13 healthy bodies who all look pretty good. Unfortunately, Damian Jones is not healthy and I think we’re going to wait and see a little bit.

“We don’t want to commit to something before we know what’s going to happen with our roster. You never know what can happen — there could be an injury or a slump or anything — so, we want to keep our options open.

“But our goal is to add a really good player — someone who fits in the locker room who fits these team and just really wants to be part of a championship run and will understand their role.”

“So, we’re open to really anything. We’ve got a long list of potential players that could fit that and we’re just going to hope that somebody springs free and is available for us.”