Mostert says he’s not opting out, will isolate from family


49ers running back Raheem Mostert told reporters on Wednesday that he has decided to move forward with the 2020 season. 

"I'm not going to be opting out, but it was a very long and tough discussion with my wife," Mostert said.

This past offseason for the running back has been quite the chaotic one, as Mostert requested for a trade last month while also debating on opting out of the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Mostert explained to reporters how his family's health is the most important thing.

"Right now our current situation, she's back in Cleveland with the family. My 13-month-old son as well as we're expecting our second child at the end of September so the conversations we've had have been long and extensive. She understands the importance of me being out here and being able to provide for the family. All those good things. We've had more positive talks than negative. We've been able to communicate on a day-to-day basis. Just to understand eachother's feelings and make sure she's at ease. During a time like this with the uncertainty of COVID as well as having the birth of our second boy." 

For Raheem Mostert it’s all about family and safety --

— 95.7 The Game (@957thegame) August 5, 2020

The running back says being on the same page as his wife has been such a blessing. 

"There's been nights when we've cried on eachother. Just talking about how we're going to manage this whole deal. I told her flat out, 'I don't even want you to come to Cali, because I don't want you to be infected, I don't want my one-year-old to be infected as well and the new addition to our family. ' "

Mostert is happy and feeling thankful to be back in Santa Clara with his teammates. 

Reporters went on to ask what Mostert's thoughts were when requesting a trade.  

For the running back, he says there was never a doubt he would remain a 49er, "I knew I was going to be a Niner no matter what... This is a family base orginazation and we all really pride ourselves on being a family." 

When it came to his future, there was never a doubt for @RMos_8Ball

— 95.7 The Game (@957thegame) August 5, 2020