Peter King says Robert Saleh will be a head coach next year if he wants to be

Robert Saleh, the 49ers ebullient defensive coordinator, who already gets more TV time on Sundays than most NFL head coaches, is on the verge of joining that fraternity.

Peter King, the 95.7 The Game NFL Insider, told Damon, Ratto & Kolsky that Saleh can secure his position atop the coaching candidates list by putting the clamps on Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in Week 13.

“If the 49ers have a great game defensively on Sunday, he’ll be a head coach,” King said.

(Check out the full interview with King in the pod above)

Saleh is frequently featured on 49ers broadcasts, bounding up and down on the sideline, looking like a strength and conditioning coach with his shiny bald head, as he directs the defense. He even has his own get-back coach, all but unheard of for a coordinator, to keep him on the sideline.

Robert Saleh's get-back coach might have the most difficult job tonight --(via @thecheckdown)

— B/R Gridiron (@brgridiron) November 12, 2019

“There’s two things about this,” King continued. “No. 1, he enters the offseason, clearly, as the darling of everybody out there in terms of who’s going to get the first shot. So he’ll get a lot of interviews. He’s a very impressive guy. I think he’s probably going to get a job anyway.”

King explained that he’s not sure how many openings will come free this offseason, adding that Saleh’s star is burning so bright that the 49ers assistant might not just jump at the first chance he gets — with the Washingtons and Cincinattis of the world. Instead, he could wait for the perfect gig in 2021.

.@peter_king says that if Robert Saleh wants to be an NFL head coach next year, he’ll get a job --(➡️@DialpadHQ)

— 95.7 The Game (@957thegame) November 27, 2019

But if he wants a job...

“He’ll have an opportunity to be a head coach somewhere in this league in 2020.”