WATCH: Laney College head coach John Beam reflects on ‘Last Chance U’


Laney College’s Athletic Director and Head Football Coach John Beam is changing the lives of thousands of athletes that come into contact with him.

Some might know him as the God Father of Oakland football or just simply, Coach Beam.

According to Laney College athletics website, Beam has produced over 20 NFL players including 7 players that participated in the Super Bowl and has also coached players who have won at every level of football. Including a NCAA Division 1 National Championship, NCAA Division 3 National Championship, Canadian Grey Cup, NFL Europe Championship, and Arena League Championship.

Coach Beam is not just coaching his athletes to the Pros, but he’s setting his players up for success by helping them get through obstacles and hardships in life, while obtaining an education.

The Laney Football Program has seen a 90% graduation and transfer rate.

“The key is that Laney has some amazing individuals there that help young people and believe in young people. It’s just giving them the resources, staying on them, believe in them,” coach said.

Beam adds that for many of the young athletes they’ve been told they’ll never amount to anything. Beam adds, “There’s going to be no doubt from us that you can make it.”

As the Head Coach Beam has won two league titles and has a .600 winning percentage, and has gone to 6 bowl games.

95.7 The Game’s Kirsten Moran sat down with Coach Beam to discuss his experience on, “Last Chance U,” and the impact he’s made in Oakland.