Steve Kerr gives measured take on huge number of traveling calls in Warriors-Mavs


Steve Kerr has been around basketball a long time.

He’s never seen something like Tuesday night before.

A whopping 10 travels were called in the Dallas Mavericks’ 116-113 win over the Golden State Warriors. Among them included a traveling call on Steph Curry with 10 seconds left and the Warriors down 115-113, sealing the loss for Golden State.

Seven of the calls were on the Warriors, with three going against the Mavericks. Kerr said Thursday in his weekly interview on “Damon and Ratto” that he had yet to be involved in a game with that many of those calls.

“I think only based on consistency,” Kerr responded, echoing the point he made after the game Tuesday, when asked if the point of emphasis on calling travels has become a point of contention. "There were 10 travels called in that game – gotta be the most by far of any game I’ve ever been involved in. Player, coach, GM, whatever.

“But, on tape, all seven of ours were definitely travels. There was one on Dallas that I did not think was a travel. Luka (Doncic) had a move in the lane that looked a little funny but it wasn’t a travel.”

The Last Two Minute Report the NBA released Wednesday had confirmed that Curry traveled. Kerr sounded more miffed about the ones that weren’t called.

“There were also five or six plays in the game that were definitely travels, including when Luka carries the ball in the post, when he’s backing you down and he puts his hand all the way underneath the ball. That’s a travel," Kerr said. "If you’re going to enforce all this stuff, then you’ve got to enforce it all – especially when you’re going to call the one on Steph at the end with the game on the line when it’s a tiny little shuffle.

“You know me, I’m Mr. Travel. I’m all for enforcing traveling, but it just has to be done all the time and it can’t just be sort of selective, in a way.”

That’s where things could get precarious for the NBA and its officials. It might be well-intentioned to crack down on traveling, but it’s also opening the door for a ton of whistles – including in game-deciding moments like Tuesday’s.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports Images