Mike Brown says Klay has driven his boat to Chase ‘a couple of times’ for games

The ever-entertaining Mike Brown joined The Morning Roast on Wednesday and offered up plenty of on and off-the-court nuggets. Like, for instance that Klay Thompson wants a Harley but his NBA contact precludes him from such activity.

Brown is well known for riding his bike around town, and beyond. Klay has so far settled for boating, as was evident with his Valentine’s Day IG post.

Turns out Thompson has been putting that vessel to great use.

“He’s driven his boat to a couple of games,”Brown said.

(Jump to the 45:38 mark in the above pod for the full exchange.)

“And I told him, so, The Ramp, there’s a local restaurant slash bar right across from Chase Center..”

Brown is a big fan of The Ramp and knows the owner and now Klay is asking for an introduction...

“‘Mike,’ Brown recalls Klay saying. ‘You’ve got to hook me up with those people.’ ‘I’m like, why? Why?’ And Klay added: ‘They have a boat dock in the back and that’s the perfect place for me to bring my boat to the game, get out, walk across the street and I’m at Chase Center getting ready to rock and roll.’”

“I’m like, ‘Who drives their boat to the game? Klay Thompson,’” Brown said with a laugh.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports