Slater: Kevon Looney is Warriors' No. 1 offseason priority


While the Warriors have been reveling in their latest championship run, most of the NBA has been in offseason mode for two months.

What’s the offseason priority for Golden State and their expensive roster? The Athletic’s Anthony Slater joined 95.7 The Game’s “Steiny & Guru” Tuesday and said the Warriors need to focus on iron man center Kevon Looney, who is about to become an unrestricted free agent in July after playing in all 104 games this season.

“I think it’s Kevon Looney,” Slater said of Golden State’s top offseason issue. “James Wiseman has not emerged yet. They’re hopeful he’s gonna play Summer League, but they still wanna handle him with patience. I think it’s unwise to into the start of next season and hand over the starting job to James Wiseman. He needs probably a lower stakes role and proving ground before he can go for a starting center spot. Whereas Kevon Looney, not only is he the place-holder, at this point he’s proven he’s a very capable starting center for a championship contender. You do not have a big man beyond him, really. As Draymond continues to age and Looney showed in the Finals, there are maybe times where maybe he is fine being the lone big on the floor. To me, because he’s up and he’ll probably gonna be coveted around the league that a position the Warriors’ roster is thinnest at, to me getting him secured is the No. 1 priority.”