Steph on if he'll consider a future in politics: 'I mean, who knows?'

Warriors superstar goes 1-on-1 with Bill Gates

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has become more outspoken when it comes to his political views.

In August, he appeared in a video along side his wife Ayesha Curry, and two daughters Riley and Ryan, at the virtual Democratic National Convention to endorse the Joe Biden / Kamala Harris ticket.

Following Curry's announcement of "a series of long-form interviews focused on the global pandemic and voting ahead of November's election," the three-time NBA champ joined Ben Strauss for an interview with The Washington Post.

Strauss asked Curry if he'd consider a future in politics.

"If you asked me three years ago if I was going to sit down with Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci and Stacey Abrams, I would have laughed at you," Curry said. "So, I mean, who knows?"

Kerr / Curry 2028? You never know.