Kerr: 'It’s good to get James Harden to the East'

Warriors head coach joins DRK on heels of blockbuster trade

Shortly after the report of the four-team swap, headlined by James Harden landing with the Nets, Steve Kerr joined Damon, Ratto & Kolsky for his weekly conversation. Unsurprisingly, Kerr knew just what to say about the erstwhile Rocket, who’s now teaming up with old Warriors friend Kevin Durant.

“Well, I guess my first thought is, it’s good to get James Harden to the East,” Kerr quipped on 95.7 The Game.

“I think that’s good. A lot of the dominant NBA players have been in the West, for whatever reason,” Kerr added. “So, it’s good to balance it out a bit. My next thought is, what an amazing job Sean Marks has done since he became the Nets GM.”

For those trying to catch up, here’s the full rundown of the blockbuster swap:

With Harden now gone from Houston, Kerr looked back on the end of the rivalry with the Rockets.

“It was a tough, tough team to get past," Kerr said. "And they pushed us as hard as anybody — in the West, for sure. It was quite an era, for both teams.”