'That's my wife, we talk all the time' — Curry responds perfectly to reporter's awkward question


A tongue-tied reporter hurled a bizarre question at NBA All-Star Steph Curry on Wednesday night -- and the Warriors superstar's response was priceless.

The strange episode started when Curry's wife, Ayesha, fired off a celebratory late-night post on social media after her husband's team rallied for an impressive overtime win over the Miami Heat.

"Daggggerrrrr," her tweet read, apparently in response to her husband's pivotal game-sealing 3-point shot.

The reporter in question apparently noticed Ayesha's tweet, and asked Steph about it during postgame questions.

His phrasing, though, left much to be desired.

"Ayesha tweeted 'Dagger,'" the reporter said. "How often do you guys talk after big games, and what's that relationship like after a big win?"

"That's my wife, we talk all the time," Curry answered, with a laugh. "What do you mean?"

"I mean like, how late is she up?" the reporter responded.

"I hope she's the first person I call after games."

"I mean her being awake at late hours -- you're getting home pretty late, right?"

"Utmost support, for sure -- you're trying to get me in trouble over here," Curry quipped.

The six-time All-Star and two-time league MVP poured in 25 points on an uncharacteristically inefficient shooting night, going 8-of-25 from the field.

His last shot was the most crucial, though, and the Warriors improved to a surprising three games over .500 with the win.

Reporters seem to be having their fun with the famously charming Curry. Last month, the sharpshooter had a priceless response when a cheeky scribe addressed him by his government name, Wardell.

h/t Black Sports Online