NFL fans try to decode J.J. Watt's cryptic 'mitochondria' tweet


You know free agency is in full swing when every little tweet is being overanalyzed as some sort of clue on where a player will sign.

On Tuesday, it was J.J. Watt who sent NFL Twitter into a tizzy with a strange tweet that read, “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.”

This is, undoubtedly, an odd tweet and many fans began scrambling trying to decode what exactly Watt was trying to convey with many reaching the conclusion that Watt was going to be joining their team.

Bills and Browns fans, in particular, seemed to have had the most fun with it, although some seemed to be a stretch.

Who knows what Watt was trying to say? Perhaps he was just trolling fans to get them to overthink his tweets.

The 32-year-old preached patience to a fan on Twitter just a day earlier, saying he’s going to need some time to pick a new team and city.

For now, let the conspiracy theories about his cryptic tweet flow.

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