Shaq tells critics of Tom Brady's Fox deal to 'shut your damn face'


Shaquille O’Neal has little patience for anyone trashing Tom Brady’s eye-catching new contract.

Brady on Tuesday announced that immediately following his NFL career, he would be joining Fox as their top analyst. Details later leaked out that his deal is a whopping 10 years, $375 million.

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Analysts are getting paid a ton these days, and Brady, from a playing resume standpoint, is as good a guy as you can get. But many fans seem tired of Brady making things about himself repeatedly, and as Dan Le Batard pointed out, Brady isn’t known for being a particularly interesting person.

But during “The Big Podcast with Shaq”, the NBA legend came to the defense of the quarterback.

"If you lend any anger you’re a hater. You’re a hater,” O’Neal said. “He’s not paving the way, everybody ain’t going to get this money. Seven Super Bowls, clean cut, good looking, speaks well, he deserves all the money. Whoever says he don’t deserve his money, shut your face. Shut your damn face. I’m happy for him.”

Ultimately, we don’t know if Brady will be good at broadcasting or not. He’s certainly relaxed a bit since his time in New England, but even that might not be enough to make him the next Tony Romo in the booth.

Clearly, Fox is willing to take a chance – an expensive one, at that – on broadcasting being yet another one of Brady’s talents.