Bonta Hill: Giants need to 'clean house' after another ugly loss


After watching the Giants literally fumble away another game on Tuesday night against the D-Backs, Bonta Hill and Joe Shasky were heated on “The Morning Roast” Wednesday.

Tuesday’s 8-4 loss was punctuated by an ugly sequence in the bottom of the second inning that featured back-to-back errors on the same play, leading to two runs. While Shasky was upset with the Giants for continuing to use Wilmer Flores at third base, Bonta thinks the Giants' shot-callers should be held accountable.

Bonta's take at 15:48 mark

“They need to be taken to task. They don’t get taken to task enough. All of these fluff pieces in the San Francisco Chronicle, all these little softball interviews that they get to conduct and get to control, I’m tired of it. Larry Baer, Gabe Kapler, Farhan Zaidi – I need freakin’ answers. I need answers. Charles Johnson, you wanna do all these Q&A’s in the end of the season? Well, you know what? I need answers. Clean house, Shasky, I’m dead serious. … I don’t like doing this, but they need to clean house.”

Shasky pointed to the success of former Warriors general manager Bob Myers and current 49ers general manager John Lynch, before saying Farhan, Kapler and the Giants have “unearned arrogance.”

SHASKY: Is there a brand in sports from the big boy cities that’s more undervalued – outside of the (New York) Knicks, than the San Francisco Giants? If I put the Giants up for sale right now and a billionaire wanted to come in and just change things, they could be one of the big boys.

BONTA: They were one of the big boys

SHASKY: What happened?

BONTA: They hired Farhan. That’s what happened.

SHASKY: I put it on ownership, too. To me, it’s a catch-all today.

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