Hunter Pence says 2012 Giants celebrated all weekend long


As of Monday morning, Hunter Pence was still feeling the effects of celebrating the 2012 World Series with his old teammates.

The Giants welcomed back that beloved squad for a 10-year reunion ceremony Saturday but the party didn’t stop there. Pence shared the details with 95.7 The Game’s “Willard & Dibs” with Mark Willard and Larry Krueger, filling in for Dan Dibley.

“It was amazing,” Pence said. “Still recovering. Facts.”

Pressed for more insight about the team’s gallivanting this weekend, Pence obliged.

“I can tell you there was a lot of open bars and late-night dinners,” Pence said. “Just bringing up old stories of the glory days. What a message if you look back at it. You don’t really have time to really celebrate it whenever you’re going through it.”

Then Pence busted out a hilarious rendition of a song that reliever Santiago Casilla used to sing about the monotony of the season.

“He’d go, ‘Base-ball, base-ball, got to win every day! Win the World Series all the time every day, base-ball, everybody loves it.’ You’re just trying to win another and another and another, and it’s never-ending. But when you get to come back and say, ‘Hey we actually accomplished something.’ … You’re way better united and playing for each other.”