Will Clark: 'These idiots in the batter's box don't make any adjustments'

Will the Thrill sounded off on The Morning Roast this week

San Francisco Giants legend Will Clark joined Kate Scott, Bonta Hill and Joe Shasky on The Morning Roast Tuesday and he didn't hold back.

From doctoring baseballs, to Trevor Bauer celebrations to calling out Brandon Belt, he touched on everything.

"What do you feel about guys doctoring baseballs?" Shasky asked.

"The media's making a big deal about something we've been doing for 150 years," Clark said. "People calling it cheating. We called it gamesmanship."

Hill asked the six-time Major League All-Star how he feels about celebrations, especially Trevor Bauer's.

"If Trevor Bauer was doing that crap, and I was facing him," Clark said. "It either upped my game or whenever he came up to the plate, I made sure he had one in the ribs."

And finally, Will the Thrill discussed the shift and batters not making adjustments.

"I've had this talk to Brandon Belt until I'm blue in the face," Clark said. "I'm like why don't you back off the plate? Get the ball out over the plate for you instead of being in on you all the time but he always stands in the same spot in the batter's box and hits right into the shift."