Texans head coach David Culley: No question about Tim Kelly as our play caller

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P&P - Should Tim Kelly still be Calling Plays?
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(SportsRadio 610) - Entering Week 12, the Texans held the NFL's least efficient offense, according to DVOA.

They added to this reputation in Sunday's 21-14 loss to the New York Jets at home, where they gained just 45 yards in the second half.

The Texans' ineptitude offensively has led to valid questions about second-year play caller Tim Kelly, the offensive coordinator who is one of few coaching holdovers from the Bill O'Brien staff.

Head coach David Culley was asked after the game Sunday if he would consider taking over play-calling duties.

"No," he said. "Tim is my play caller, and he'll stay the play caller."

The question came up again Monday morning, and Culley preempted by saying it should not be a question.

But is there anything he would like to see the offensive coordinator Kelly do better in his role?

"No," Culley said again. "I would just like to see our whole offense do better, me as a head coach do better in getting things the way it should be. But no, there is no question about our play calling. It’s the fact that we are not doing what we need to do when the play is called."

On Reaction Monday, Payne & Pendergast discuss Kelly's performance and whether he should still be calling plays for the Texans.

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