Gwyneth Paltrow reveals what relationship with ex-husband Chris Martin is like now

Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow
Photo credit Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation

Gwyneth Paltrow did not hold back for attendees at this year's In Goop Health summit.

For its 15th anniversary, the event happened in Santa Monica, CA and Paltrow even brought in surprise guest and friend Cameron Diaz to speak.

“She’s still the biggest movie star ever, even after not working for 10 years!” Paltrow told the crowd, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Diaz is coming out of retirement for the upcoming Netflix movie “Back in Action.”

“As we get older, it’s that ability to be more resilient and vulnerable, which doesn’t sound like they go hand in hand. But I think resilience and vulnerability is true power,” Diaz told the women in attendance.

During a Q&A session, Paltrow opened herself up for the audience to ask her anything. This included Paltrow talking a woman through the college application process, as she recently did that with her and ex-husband Chris Martin’s daughter, Apple, who currently attends Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Paltrow discussed a recent trip taken with Martin and their son Moses, 17, to look at colleges, and touched on where the relationship sits with her ex.

“I’m still very close with my ex-husband. We’ve sort of morphed it into a true family. I know it sounds really weird to say, but he’s kind of like my brother now. And it’s hard for people to understand, but I did really make a commitment that he would stay my family, and I think we suffer a lot less because of that,” she said.

Paltrow continued, discussing how her and Martin have been able to be separate but still have a functioning family.

“I think it’s incredibly painful for a woman, when you’ve co-mingled your DNA with a man, if you have no contact and acrimony and nothing between you. So if you’re able to, transmogrify that into a different type of relationship and family. That’s what we’ve been able to do, thank goodness,” she told the crowd.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation