Matt Schaub: DeMeco Ryans was always learning as Texans player

(SportsRadio 610) - With former Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans now a candidate for the head coach opening, it's been good catching up with his teammates

We're fortunate enough to hear from one of them every day with Seth Payne co-hosting the morning show.

Everyone raves about Ryans' leadership qualities and maturity, even as a young player with the Texans.

Add Matt Schaub to that list, who played with Ryans for five seasons in Houston. Schaub joined In The Loop on Wednesday to discuss Ryans as a head coaching candidate, what it was like playing with him and also offers his opinion on current Texans quarterback Davis Mills and the NFL Draft prospects.

On Ryans, Schaub specifically noted how curious the linebacker was about what they were doing on the offensive side of the ball.

"When I came in, he was going into his second season, but you could tell right away that he was wise beyond his years," Schaub said. "His diligence studying the game and being a student of the game and understanding all aspects, I leaned on him a lot. We had a lot of conversations about what they were doing on defense, what we were doing on offense, why, what does it mean, what we were trying to do in certain formations against certain coverages.

"He was always on our side of the ball, asking questions in between plays, in between series in training camp, even during the season. ... He was always learning and that's so valuable. When you're on one side, you get immersed in what you're doing and what your job is. But when you go to the other side of the football and look at it from the other side's perspective, that's when you really become well-rounded and really know what's going on on the football field and that was DeMeco Ryans to a tee."

Listen to the entire interview here.

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