Star Wars fans share epic lightsaber battle in the snow

The video shows two people using lightsabers in blizzard like conditions
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Almost every ‘Star Wars’ fan has participated in a mock lightsaber battle at least once in their life.

Whether they are using replicas of the lightsabers used in the movies, or using the toy version and making the lightsaber noise themselves, fans are always trying to show off their Jedi skills.

Now, a video has gone viral showing two fans having an epic lightsaber battle in the snow.

In the video that has since gone viral, two people with yellow and blue lightsabers are seen battling it out in blizzard like conditions.

The video was shared by Anghelie Elizabeth, and has since been viewed over 123,000 times on Facebook, according to

Many online are calling the clip one of the better fan-made battles they have seen online.

According to Elizabeth, she was even inspired to go out and buy her own lightsaber after spotting the snowy battle.

Maybe she will be sharing her own lightsaber battle in the future. If she does, there will be plenty of aspiring Jedi’s to comment on her skills.

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