We demand to see this 'Star Wars' cameo from *NSYNC: 'Where’s the footage?'

Photo credit Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
By , Audacy

While lots of very memorable and meme-able moments occurred during *NSYNC’s Hot Ones episode, there’s one particular revelation people are demanding additional information about.

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For their first major interview in years, as part of a press run for their new song “Better Place” for Justin Timberlake’s next Trolls movie, which they couldn’t talk about (on account of the on-going strikes), Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and JC Chasez revealed that even before Timberlake added actor to his resume, they shot a crazy cameo for George Lucas’ Attack of the Clones. Kirkpatrick confirmed, “It’s very true. We were the three.”

Recalling that moment his former bandmates filled him, Timberlake told Hot Ones host Sean Evans, “I think I remember us getting a call like ‘you’re never believe what happened. We were Stormtroopers…“—Jedis,” Chasez corrected, noting  “We had to learn a bit of sword choreography.”

“Heck yeah!” Fatone excitedly added in, as Lance Bass, totally NOT out jealousy sniped, “But they got cut out anyway,” getting some assistance from Timberlake to tease the guys about ending up on the cutting room floor.

Describing what it was like being on set, particularly wielding lightsaber, Fatone noted, “The dumbest thing though, as we were doing the scenes, you’re literally going phvrmm phrvmm like an idiot.” Which is possibly why they got cut. Or as Bass recalled, “Didn’t the Star Wars fans go crazy that’s why they edited it? Yeah, they did not like that idea.” So glad to know trolls were even toxic back then… (yes that was sarcasm).

Kirkpatrick expressed that he wished there was video, which Fatone affirmed does in fact exists, “They do [have it] because they filmed it. I’ve asked Rick McCallum (a producer on the film), ‘Where’s the footage?’ Because I know he has it. So let’s get that footage, please, I want to see it.”

Ummm agreed, we demand it, we need it, we must have it.

Watch *NSYNC answer questions while eating progressively spicy chicken wings below.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images