Glastonbury sisters take Hollywood by storm with The Power To B affirmation jewelry

Raeann Baribault Schwartz and Christina Baribault Ortiz are teaching us all how to be strong, fearless, limitless, fierce and badass!
Raeann and Chrissy at the 2022 Oscars pre-show Photo credit IG: @ThePowerToB

A pair Glastonbury sisters — Raeann Baribault Schwartz and Chrissy Baribault Ortiz of Baribault Jewelers — have taken Hollywood by storm after debuting their new line of affirmation jewelry, The Power to B at the 2022 Oscars Pre-Show.

Christine Lee chatted with the sisters and found out everyone who is anyone has these new powerful bracelets including, the amazing Viola Davis!

Check out the full interview below where Raeann and Chrissy reflect on the origin of their new line (struggles with infertility), how women and MEN are reacting to the messaging, and whether or not a certain Rhode Island resident (cough, cough Taylor Swift) has the fearless bracelet!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Instagram @ThePowerToB