Badass Woman of the Week: Deanna Damen of Avon

Cake Gypsy owner makes award winning cupcakes but her real passion is animal rescue
Christine Lee
Cake Gypsy, Deanna Damon, poses in front of the TIC logo in the Christine and Salt studios Photo credit Christine Lee

Each week Christine and Salt interview the Badass Woman of the Week, a feature that aims to reward women who have overcome a challenge and emerged stronger as a result. Each Badass Woman wins an empowering B Badass bracelet from The Power to B and is featured on-air Fridays at 7:15 A.M. with Christine and Salt in the morning.

This week's Badass Woman of the Week is the Cake Gypsy herself, Deanna Damon of Avon. Deanna's original store opened up in Canton and it wasn’t long before she began getting recognition from local outlets such as Great Day Connecticut and Best of Hartford. Deanna even competed in (and won) a cake decorating competition with the one and only Buddy Valastro. But her REAL PASSION is rescuing animals as you can see from the photo below!

Deanna Damon
Deanna with all her beloved (and rightfully pampered) rescues Photo credit Deanna Damon

Deanna stopped by the Christine and Salt studios to chat (and she brought some delicious cupcakes). Check out the full interview below and don't forget to stop by her locations to sample the human treats and buy some for your favorite pup — as all proceeds go to help rescue a furry friend. Plus, keep scrolling to see the famous $8500 cat castle Deanna bought from a friend for $1000 for her beloved kitty. That's love!

Deanna Damon
The cat and her castle! Meet Deanna's kitty and the $8500 cat castle (formerly a little girl's bed) that she bought from a friend for $1000. Photo credit Deanna Damon
Christine Lee
A delicious Cake Gypsy 96.5 TIC cupcake Photo credit Christine Lee
Featured Image Photo Credit: Christine Lee