19 Democratic Illinois Representatives have said Madigan needs to step down

Vice President of Policy at Illinois Policy Amy Korte said there are increasing voices speaking out against Mike Madigan. Some even calling him an anchor on their party.

Is there concern that Madigan could be pulling people’s strings from the sidelines?

You do not want to take someone who holds a ton of power out only to have their protégé replace them who will do Madigan’s bidding.

Korte said the first step has to be Madigan stepping down and then shifting focus from the person to the process. You have to weed out the process and make sure you start anew so that corruption does not take precedence in government again.

Read more about this here: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/madigan-leadership-team-member-becomes-19th-vote-opposing-him-as-house-speaker/