Complaint about moldy pot sold in St. Louis sparks investigation into medical marijuana dispensary


ST. LOUIS (KFTK) - Some people in Missouri who bought a particular batch of medical marijuana this weekend have been notified that their weed might contain mold growth. The complaint was about batch of LSD Flower strain was sold over the weekend at N'Bliss Cannabis, which has multiple stores in St. Louis County.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services released a statement Wednesday saying "patients and caregivers have been informed that they should not consume the product they purchased until the investigation can be completed."

The first legal sales of medical marijuana in Missouri occurred over the weekend. N'Bliss has suspended sales of that product and pulled the remaining inventory.

"DHSS has halted sales on all remaining product from the relevant batch. The relevant product batch passed all required testing prior to sale, but additional testing is being done at this time to determine the source of the mold," the release stated. "Initial visual inspection of the remaining product from the relevant batch has not indicated a concern, but this additional laboratory testing is underway as part of the investigation."

N'Bliss has locations in both Manchester and Ellisville. No other concerns or adverse reactions have been reported from the more than 200 individuals who purchased this product.

Missouri has had one of the fastest implementations of a medical marijuana program in the United States.

With 192 dispensaries licensed, DHSS expects most to be open by the end of the year.

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