Illinois governor calls for national mask mandate


WASHINGTON (KFTK) - Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker testified before the House Homeland Security Committee Wednesday, saying it's not too late for the federal government to make masks mandatory.

Illinois was one of the first states in the country to mandate masks in public spaces back on May first.  Pritzker is calling for a national mandate saying it "might be the most important thing we can do to save lives."

The governor told the committee on Wednesday, "It's not too late for the federal government to make an impact - in fact, it's more important than ever."

The call came as Prtizker criticized the federal COVID-19 response during testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee, a response he said left states playing a "sick, hunger games game show' to get PPE and testing supplies."

Missouri's governor, Mike Parson, has said wearing masks should be a local decision, and that he would not enact a statewide mask mandate.

You can watch Wednesday's committee meeting here: 

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