Sen. Hawley introduces bill to 'give every cop in America a pay raise'


(KFTK) - U.S. Senator Josh Hawley wants to raise police officer salaries and hire more of them.

The Republican from Missouri introduced a bill he's named the "David Dorn Back the Blue Act" – in honor of the St. Louis police captain who was killed by men who were looting a pawn shop in north St. Louis that he was trying to protect. 

The Bill would set aside $15 billion to create more state and local officer positions and raise pay. He says his bill would exclude cities that "defund their police."

You can read the full bill here:

David Dorn Back the Blue Act PDF by EntercomSTL on Scribd

"Police departments across the country are under siege — underfunded, facing increased retirements and struggling to make new hires," Hawley told Fox News. "But, as violence and rioting sweeps across American cities big and small, our courageous law enforcement officers are more vital now than ever."

The bill would give police departments new federal funding so they could increase the salaries of officers "up to 110 percent of the local median earnings."

"Law enforcement deserve our support, and our citizens need the protection," Hawley stated in a tweet.

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