A video is being shared on TikTok of a girl getting an abortion

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TikTok user @cpcake21 shared a video of her friend getting an abortion.

The TikTok opens with a pregnancy test showing a positive result with the caption: Abortion time TAKE 2.

It moves on to the girls driving to Planned Parenthood and then in the waiting room, the girl fist pumps like she's excited for it to happen.

The last image is in the medical room where the girl is looking at the ultrasound of her baby.

This is the most outrageous video we have ever seen. This not funny or supposed to be a joke. This is ending a baby's life.

We do not share the same sentiments as the Twitter follower below.

We spoke with Congresswoman Ann Wagner earlier this week on her anti-abortion bill that has been stalled in the Senate.