Senator Josh Hawley says St. Louis Circuit Attorney needs to be sanctioned and voted out

Senator Josh Hawley believes that St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner charging Mark and Patricia McCloskey is ‘total insanity and a miscarriage of justice’.

He continues by explaining that criminals are set free by Gardner’s office while the McCloskey’s, who had a lawful right to protect their property, are charged with a crime.

Although he is confident that a court will reject the case, he calls this a ‘political show trial’ and says that Gardner needs to be sanctioned and voted out.

Senator Hawley also comments on the President sending federal officers to crime-ridden cities; federal officers can be a tremendous help to local law enforcement. He notes the irony of the left lionizing the FBI over the past few years and are now demonizing federal officers.

Meanwhile, the Senator has introduced legislation to end slave labor and hold corporate America accountable, focusing first on the NBA, stating, ‘if they want to be socially responsible, start by ending the use of slave labor’.

On another stimulus package?

Hawley says he’ll only support targeted relief, not a huge spending package.

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