KMOV reporter Kim St. Onge forced out over vaccine policy

Former KMOV-TV reporter Kim St. Onge took to social media this week to explain why she hasn't been appearing on local tv screens since late August and joined Marc Cox to expand on her statement.

She says the station owners, Meredith, mandated a COVID-19 vaccine, "They initially were on a meeting, and I vividly remember standing in my kitchen hearing them say, 'we will not mandate this vaccine'. But like so many companies, Meredith went back on that."

St. Onge tells Cox that she applied for a religious exemption, "They said until we decide if we're gonna grant your exemption, you have to take vacation days, so I was forced to take vacation days while they decided if they were going to agree to grant my religious exemption."

"It's very much an 'us vs. them' and you know I did feel very alone, I felt isolated, I felt judged with my convictions," St. Onge says.

What about her future? "I'll say, it's to be determined. I have a job right now where I'm happy, and I'm gonna be doing that. I'm getting married, my fiance and I are getting married in April, so I need to figure out my next step. But I'm just kinda taking a breather, this has been a really crazy last couple of months for me," says St. Onge.

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