Lewis Reed: 'I'll take both' a football team and a billion dollars from the NFL

St Louis Board of Aldermen President happily exclaimed, "I'll take both!" when asked if he'd prefer a new NFL team or a hefty payout from the league if the city wins its lawsuit against the St Louis Rams over their move west, and back to Los Angeles.

St Louis lawyers recently notched another victory against the Rams and the league in a St Louis courtroom.

Reed reminded Marc Cox of the importance of presenting a proposal for a new stadium to the Rams before the league voted to allow them to move back to LA.

"We wouldn't even have grounds for a suit, it'd be over right now. All of this billion dollars, and the PSLs, we would have lost on every front because we wouldn't have had grounds for a suit if we wouldn't have put forward a proposal to the NFL."

Reed also commented on Mayor Tishaura Jones' reaction to hearing gunshots while speaking at a press conference.

"Is that a good thing that the residents of the city St Louis, and even its mayor have been desensitized to gunfire?" asked Reed above.

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