St. Charles votes to remove 50/50 liquor and food requirement

The debate over how to handle crowds of people on Historic Main Street in St. Charles came to a conclusion Tuesday night. St. Charles officials voted 6-4 in favor of the proposal to remove the required 50/50 liquor and food split.

The 50/50 rule requires restaurants that serve alcohol to have at least 50% of its sales come from food.

Ryan Wrecker, filling in for Marc Cox on The Marc Cox Morning Show, says he’s “sympathetic” to people who live in the area that are “tired of the drunks” and “want it to go back to the way it was,” but also understands the issue from a business owners point of view.

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“St. Charles didn’t enact it to the entire city, they only enacted it to that small district - that one street,” Wrecker said. “It singled out businesses in one specific area and punished them, even if they weren’t the ones contributing to the problems.

Maybe get more police out there to monitor these things and stop the ones who are causing these problems to begin with as opposed to trying to clamp down on businesses that are already having a hard time based on the regulations that were out there.”

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