St. Louis alderman takes issue with 'irresponsible' decisions coming from the mayor's office

St. Louis City has cut funding to the police budget and announced plans to close the St. Louis Workhouse.

Alderman Jeffrey Boyd is frustrated. He is the first line of defense for his constituents who are scared and fed up.

Boyd says the decisions being made by the Mayor's office are "irresponsible".

He believes we need more police presence to combat the rise in crime. However, in order to "refund" the police department, the city would have to find places to cut funding from other departments... which isn't likely.

"You cannot pass an unbalanced budget," says Boyd.

Boyd also believes the announcement to close the Workhouse is premature. He supports closing the facility if there is a financial and relocation plan in place but doesn't believe that is the case.

Listen to the discussion above.

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