Three out of five Americans wish they ate with their families daily

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The nightly family dinner appears to be a thing of the past these days as work schedules don’t line up and sometimes different family members having to different diets they need to cater to.

Nevertheless, a new study found that three out of every five Americans wish they had a family dinner every single night.

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The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of The Honey Baked Ham Company surveyed 2,000 people to find out how and with whom they eat dinner, and found that the average American eats dinner with their families three times a week.

60% of those surveyed however, miss the “good ‘ole days of their childhood” when they would have “family dinner” around four times a week, plus another two dinners with friends.

49% of people think having dinner as a family is an “important way to connect,” and an additional 46% agree that dinnertime creates family memories and gives them the opportunity to learn more about their family members.

Jim Dinkins, CEO of The Honey Baked Ham Company, said per the New York Post, “We’re happy to hear that families want to spend more quality time together talking, catching up, and bonding over a delicious family meal.  What’s pleasantly surprising to us is how many people consider good table manners to be an important part of the family dining experience.”

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