Forum created for teachers and parents to respectfully disagree, share opinions

Daniel Buck is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Chalkboard Review.

Buck is a real-life teacher with a real-life perspective. His views were shaped by the multitude of training that he simply disagreed with. He started sharing his opinions on Twitter and they gained a lot of traction. These experiences led to the creation of The Chalkboard Review, a forum for teachers to share articles and have conversations. Buck’s vision for the website is to create a place for people who may not agree, but be respectful of one another.

Only about one-third of teachers identify as liberal or very liberal.  The rest identify as moderate or conservative.  Unfortunately, the current climate has many teachers afraid to speak up.

“Our site is trying to create a space for those teachers to voice their opinions,” Buck tells The Annie Frey Show. (above)

Buck gets a lot of anonymous messages from teachers who are afraid to speak out because of the “ruckus” it would cause.  If you want to speak out but don’t know where to start, Buck suggests you begin by writing. He says you don’t have to share it but helps you organize your thoughts and formulate an opinion.  However, Chalkboard Review is not only for teachers. It is also a place for parents to share their thoughts and converse with teachers.

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