Dan O’Donnell: “I don’t think the defense even needed to put Rittenhouse on the stand.”

News Anchor/Talk Show Host, Dan O’Donnell, who has a law degree from University of Wisconsin Law School, joins Mark Reardon on the Mark Reardon show to discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. O’Donnell described Rittenhouse’s testimony as “powerful,” and later describing the defense like a football team.

“Basically, this is sort of like an NFL team that sort of scripts out the first 15 plays. And even if there’s a big play, if the quarterback throws an interception or something like that, they are still going to go with their 15 plays. The defense clearly has a strategy here, and frankly, the way that these attorneys performed over the last week and a half, I wouldn’t question a single thing they are doing because they are running away with it. I just don’t see any way that Rittenhouse is convicted on anything other than maybe the weapons charge, even that I’m starting to question” said O’Donnell.

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