Fox's Chris Wallace on Fox News' 25th Anniversary: 'Look at where we are today!'

Longtime Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace wasn't there when Fox debuted 25-years ago, he joined 7-years later, but he happily celebrated the anniversary of the debut with Marc Cox during his weekly visit.

"You think we've over-covered that a little bit?" Wallace jokingly asked in regards to the Fox morning show coverage of the event today. "There is a reason to be proud. When Rupert Murdoch and Rodger Ailes started Fox News back in 1996, literally, I think it was the New York Times that somebody talked about Rodger Ailes and his imaginary friend [would be] the only people watching Fox News. I mean it was totally laughed- at; totally discredited, and look where we are today. So there's justifiable pride in what has been built in Fox News and the place that it occupies in the media landscape."

Wallace and Marc also discussed the day's news including the Cardinals loss to the Dodgers and the debt ceiling, plus how they didn't cross paths while Marc was in Washington, D.C.

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