Here's how to know if someone is listening in on your iPhone

iPhone hacking
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Both iPhone and Android users have a new layer of security notification thanks to recent system updates, and it all comes down to a little orange dot.

If there’s a small orange dot present on your iPhone screen in the upper-right corner directly above the cellular bars, it’s an indication that the phone’s microphone is currently in use – a definite red flag if the user isn’t actively making a call or recording something in that moment.

Likewise, a green dot will now show if the phone’s camera is in use.

For Android users, a green dot is used in both cases.

In either case, users can swipe down from the upper-right corner and see exactly which apps are using those parts of the phone whenever the dots are lit.

If you do swipe down but find that no app is listed, it likely means that you have given an app permission to use those devices even while running in the background. You can see how to get a list of your app permissions by clicking here.

If that option also comes up empty, it’s possible you’ve been hacked, at which point it may be necessary to download an antivirus software onto your phone or bring it to a professional who could help rid it of unwanted eavesdroppers.

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