They don’t know how vaccines will affect us in 15 years, says legal analyst

Phillip Holloway, member of the “Rational Ground” COVID-19 policy think tank and legal analyst, joins The Mark Reardon Show to discuss “faulty data,” claiming one of the leading causes of death in children is the coronavirus.

According to Holloway, during an Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP) meeting, information was shared that COVID-19 was the #4 leading cause of death in children ages zero to four. In reality, according to the CDC’s WONDER database, the coronavirus is #9, says Holloway.

“It’s now accepted as the gospel truth when in fact, it appears to be, at least in my opinion, an intentional misleading…of the world,” Holloway said.

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He also expressed concern that this type of information is being used as “PR” to encourage parents to get their children vaccinated.

“How can they assure anybody that what they put in their body today isn’t going to affect them 15 years from now?” Holloway said.

Mark Reardon also spoke about the dangers of fake news on impressionable Americans: “People hear this…and it doesn’t matter what the correction is, it doesn’t matter that this has been debunked, people are going to believe this now if they heard it.”

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