Missouri Congresswoman: Vaccine mandate for healthcare workers 'is just wrong'

Kansas City area Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler applauded the Supreme Court Decision announced on Thursday barring OSHA from mandating a Covid vaccine at large employers.

"It was a big victory and we should celebrate that they recognized that it's unconstitutional for the government, especially OSHA, to mandate that people have to have vaccines in order to have a job, and that employers have to become the arbiter, and the monitor, and enforcer for the federal government of this vaccine mandate," says Harztler. "That is certainly something to celebrate."

"Most Americans or Missourians that I talk to just go on the side of freedom, 'Ok government, just leave us alone, let us make our own decisions, quit trying to tell us what to do in order to serve in the military, in order to have a job, in order to be able pursue your dreams, we have to follow your way," says Hartzler, "that's not the American way."

Hartzler also commented on the voting bill that passed the House and is now stalled in the Senate as well as her run for US Senate.

Heritage Legal Fellow GianCarlo Canaparo says the "split decision" on the two Covid vaccine mandate cases, "wasn't surprising, but still disappointing."

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