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A World Cup reporter from Argentina was allegedly robbed in the middle of a live report in Qatar.

Dominique Metzger, who works for the Todo Noticias network, says someone stole her wallet while she was interviewing fans in the capital of Doha ahead of Sunday's opening World Cup match.

The wallet was reportedly taken right out of her handbag, along with documents that she was carrying.

The crime allegedly occurred while Metzger was on-air dancing with a group of fans. She says she didn't notice at the time because of the crowd and all the noise.

Metzger reported the theft and police eventually told her they would use security cameras to help find the culprit. The area is reportedly under heavy surveillance, with 20,000 cameras equipped with facial recognition technology watching the eight stadiums.

Metzger also says authorities told her she would be able to choose the thief's punishment - five years in prison or deportation.

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She told them "I just want my wallet back, I won't be making the decision for the justice system," the Evening Standard reported.

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