Six attorneys general file lawsuit on Biden's student loan forgiveness plan

Heritage Foundation scholar Jonathan Butcher joins Ryan Wrecker, who was in for Mark Reardon, on The Mark Reardon show to discuss the lawsuit filed by six attorneys general on student loan debt forgiveness.

“There have been several challenges, especially some recently from state attorneys general. He's got six states, including Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Carolina, all challenging the department and mainly because they're saying that the Department of Education doesn't have the authority to cancel student loan debt. I mean, they weren't suddenly granted this amazing power to do,” said Butcher.

Later he continued, “Part of the grant goes back to the Heroes Act of 2003. This happened after the terrorist attacks. Part of the argument here is that, well, this is well beyond the scope, it hasn't been tested for student loans at this magnitude. I think that's a really interesting angle to take to this. The other interesting angle is that basically what they're saying is that they're gonna be wiping off debt for people that would have no business under the umbrella of the 2003 Heroes Act. So when you start to sign that and you're gonna use the justification, that would mean people that don't apply under the Heroes Act just by default, you shouldn't be able to use this.”

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