Missouri Senator Bill Eigel says legislative session was a ‘disappointing year for Republicans’

The Missouri legislative came to an abrupt end. Missouri Senator Bill Eigel joins Marc on The Marc Cox Morning Show with immediate reaction.

“I think we ended on a note that this was a pretty disappointing year for Republicans.”

Eigel explains that leadership brought up redistricting maps signaling the end of agenda items that would be tackled this session and leaving other important issues on the table.

A 6-2 redistricting map was passed despite efforts by Eigel and some of his colleagues pushing for a 7-1 divide.

“How many Republicans does it take to send another Republican to Congress when we have the ability to do so?”

Eigel also addresses efforts for protecting women’s sports that ultimately failed.

“It’s one of the most cowardly things I’ve seen on the Republican floor.”

Listen to the interview above for his full reaction to these issues and more.