Pritzker signs HB 3653 Police Reform Bill into law

Host of Black & Right on The Answer and former police officer John Anthony said when we look at HB 3653, we see the beginning of the end to law enforcement.

The host of Black & Right on The Answer John Anthony has a real issue with House Bill 3653 and the passing of this police reform bill.
Being a former police officer, he said this bill is the opposite of protecting the community. He highlights police officers feel completely dejected from society and feel like they are the bane of America's existence.
What are the actual issues involved in this bill that are concerning?
Anthony said cops can no longer arrest people for resisting arrest or obstructing a police officer. He went on to explain a few other bullet points that made him take a step back.
"I fear we are seeing the beginning of the end of the policing profession," he said.