'Hot Girls For Bernie' Trends After Emily Ratajkowski Posts Photo

Emily Ratajkowski
Photo credit (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Say what you want about me, but you'll never have to argue with me about politics. I don't pay attention to politics and I really don't care for them either.

Emily Ratajkowksi on the other hand does care -- and pays attention -- and she wants you to know she went to the polls on Super Tuesday.

Her photo did start trending on Twitter with the hashtag #HotGirlsForBernie.

The super model posted a photo on her social media looking stunning while she was holding up her ballot. 

Emily Ratajkowski Posts "Grab Your Butt And Go" Video

#hotgirIsforbernie LETS SEE YOU AND YOUR BALLOT TODAY! @ShotsKids pic.twitter.com/OceEQEGINM

— Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) March 3, 2020

It's reminiscent of last summer's hottest hashtag #hotgirlsummer ... and some are using it a joke, with men, body positive activists and non-binary folks using the hashtag.

Don't worry about Ratajkowski, though, coming out politically hasn't stopped her from promoting her bikini line and showing off her newest thongs. Wonder what Bernie thinks of her posts?

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